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White comic book

White comic book

Selling out! I'm selling the last copies of my comic to gather funds for my next art book.

A4 size comic book
softcover shiny laminated
50 comic pages
+ 16pg sketchbook and extras

Every order comes with a thank you sketch in the book!

"White is a short story about a winged being with no knowledge of it's memories, purpose or name. Brought into the White World without feelings, with hardly any words, it starts to search for it's purpose. Through it's discoveries in the White World, the being experiences what it feels like to be human, how heavy human emotions weigh. A mysterious boy appears who wants to guide her through these discoveries of feelings but she rejects him. However he does keep appearing until eventually she starts to understand."

There are no watermarks on the actual product.

The Ebook version of the comic is available here: https://sellfy.com/p/s6WE