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Atonement zine

Atonement zine

Last copies! roughly 10 copies left, it will not be reprinted!
You get a free A5 sketch when you buy this zine!

A4 booklet
20 pages: comic 6 pages + lots of extras
sneak peak of my comic 'White'
map of The World on both interior covers

"This comic tells the story of Zezu and Lola: two young Symbualé that are forced together on a journey of atonement after destroying the ceremony for the god of summer.
They must travel to the four temples and ask forgiveness from the season gods. They are like fire and ice but on this journey they must learn to forgive each other as well as accept each other. Can they overcome the trials that lie ahead?"

This booklet is an intro to my webcomic Atonement. With exciting extras!